Still Here


Just a quick note. Yes, Mighty Tim continues to lurk among

venues, musicians, writers and artists making the rounds in Arizona.

New music, stories and poetry live and breathe from my pen and

typing machine. Just a note. Keep an eye out. New stuff.


Looking Ahead


Looking ahead is so important. New music, new shows, new connections, the list keeps on expanding. It's also time that I demonstrate that this artist is always on the move.

One must constantly research new venues and new sounds to keep things exciting.The coming of autumn, for me, always helps to keep the juices flowing as the heat of summer begins to cool down a peg, Mighty Tim will surely heat things up!


2017 Projects etc.


Yep, 2016 lays somewhere back there in the dust. Now we have the two, the zero, the one and the seven and that's what we're dealing with if you know what I mean. 

So, I keep moving ahead and writing new songs. I have to. I have no escape. And there are plenty enough now to connect the dots and prepare a new record. Aside from the songs though the details are hiding in the shadows. I'm gonna have some other players on this besides myself and if all goes well, some live drums. I have a friend who is so talented on the skins, I mean, really, so here's hoping he will fall into place with this project. And then I'll need an engineer who can understand what I'm all about and with those two special ingredients in place the new tunes should earn their wings and fly, fly fly.

Please keep coming back and checking out because you just never know what I might decide to post or what new music and/or ideas might pop up, just like all those blossoms making their way this Spring. 





October is truly the beginning of autumn for me. One thing for sure is the chance of any day hitting the 90 degree mark is way on the low side. That feels pretty good to me. The fall brings some cool changes, for sure, and temps are only a part of it. For me the leaves turning bright red, yellow and all those colors just reinforces the great cycle of life. It means the world and all of us are moving on, heading for other places and that is essential to keep life interesting.

Of course, it has to do with my music as well. I believe autumn brings fresh life into melodies and rhythms, at least I hope it does, and so the muse sits on the falling leaves as it silently steers the pen and guitar into new territories. And the winds blow in all the right directions setting a course for discovery.

Thanks for reading and listening! 



Going Steady


Remember how Going Steady with someone was such a big deal during those school days? Yep, I bet you do or maybe you're still in the midst of it. Cool. Well, I'm in the big midst of it now but on another level, a different idea. Now I'm Going Steady with three (3) steady dates a month! And we all dig each other a lot. Nobody gets their feelings hurt, nope, just the opposite, it's a blast.

I'm talking about two steady dates at the Full Moon Saloon, the first weekend of each month, and one steady date the Vino Di Sedona, every third Thursday of the month. These are two of the most popular music joints in Sedona. Excitement builds towards each show and the crowds are always a knockout!

I don't have a varsity sweater or class ring to exchange with my steadies but I certainly do give them all the attention they deserve!

So if you're in the hood or planning to be, make sure you drop by to say hi and/or share a smile.

You can also check out more details and fun stuff over at Facebook.



Something New - DJ!


To mention a Beatles title, "Something New, Something New." What this is all about is I have been able to take advantage of an opportunity I found in a local newspaper from Flagstaff, Arizona called 'The Noise.' A community based radio station there put an ad in that said they were looking for people to host their own radio program. In other words, a DJ! This is something I had always wanted to do since I have always been a serious student of rock n roll and its many different genres. The chance to play some of the music I have always loved on the air was almost too sweet to believe but that's exactly what I am doing now.

My show is known as Throwing Light and airs every Monday at 3pm Mountain time on KSZN LP FM 101.5 It streams at

In the hour from 3pm to 4pm I usually feature two artists of my choosing and talk about their careers, influences, personal lives and whatever else I can dig up.

So please stop by some Monday afternoon and have a listen. if you have a comment or thought about the music I'm playing please leave it here on the website on the comments page.

It always feels great to expand my musical horizons. It would be awesome to have you join me!


"What Had I Become" Released as a Single


It's exciting to announce the third single release from my 'Live' collection of five EP's. This tune, "What Had I Become," explores the end of an affair and the way to move forward.

Like "Who Shot Rock & Roll" and "Life of a Song," WHIB was recorded live in the studio at Sweet 16, in Cornville, Arizona.

Please visit CD Baby for a quick download.

Thanks so much for your support!


Life of a Song Released as a Single



Yep. "Life of a Song" is the second single release from my collection of Live EP's.

The title clues one in but doesn't give away all the details of life a song may experience.

So please visit to have a listen and download a great track.




Who Shot Rock & Roll Released as a Single


New News! The first single from the new release, "Live" aka Life of A Song is out now.

It's 'Who Shot Rock & Roll' It's Live in the studio. It's stripped down crazy sound.

And it's gonna do things for YOU!


New Year Shaping Up


Yes. 2016 is quite visible on the horizon right now. Check the Gig page for the five dates listed so far, including four at my home base, the Full Moon Saloon, and one at downtown Sedona's awesome wine bar, Vino Di Sedona.

In this New Year, the winds are in flux to help spread the Mighty Tim sound to new towns in Arizona, especially Phoenix and Tempe. We are looking at Colorado too. Please stop by often for a listen and for a bit of fun.

It's also time I mention that I have lots of poetry and flash fiction over at the Fictionaut site.

Thanks for reading!


Live Videos


 I've put up a link to my Live at Living Room Festival video over at You Tube. Credit goes to Becky Simpkins for the awesome shoot. There are a couple more songs from that session that I'll put up
 once I edit them. This first one is "Everything I Ever Wanted To Be" from the new release, 'Live.' Thanks also to Matt Fabritz on the Cajon drum.


October is a Mighty Tim Festival


Yes. And Well. And Well it should be. Seven big shows this month. Including four at the Full Moon Saloon where often the Mighty is the house act. The last two weekends of the month will be shaking with the Sedona late night vibes. Rocking possibilities and all seven shows feature a zero $ admit. No tickets, no cover. Indie at its finest.

But,as they say, don't take my word for it, just please come out and hear for yourself.

Songs this autumn include brand new titles not even available on CD just yet so you may want to borrow an idea from the Grateful Dead and do some live recording. Then you could send it to me and I could post it here on the site. Just hit me up on the Contact form.

The Rock & Roll is alive. Make it a point to catch a hunk of it!


August 2015


So looking forward to the show at Jerome's Spirit Room on August 13th. Jerome is a small town but huge in its appetite for music. In addition the Spirit Room is located in the heart of town so folks often just wander in to see what is going on and there is always some kind of music on the bill there. Thanks in advance to all who can make the trip! Here's a link the their web page.


Full Moon Weekend


Great folks at this past weekend's shows at the Full Moon. Even met two sets of people who want to sponsor my show as a House Concert. This would be so cool because I know there are some people who can't make it to the bar shows but would be glad to visit someone's home. These shows could begin at an earlier time too. I'll post those dates ASAP.

As always, many thanks to Monica, Jordyn and Joe Mooney for helping make every show at the Full Moon Saloon such a success! Brian and Bob too!


Margo B Design


I worked with an awesome designer, Margo Braman, on my new release, 'Live', Life of a Song.

She is easy to work with and full of great ideas to help move the project along. Please stop by her site, to check out all the details.

Oh, and thanks again, Margo!


Spirit Room


I have to mention what a wild time was had at the open mic in Jerome at the Spirit Room last night.

The host, Moondog, opened the night with a set of amazing original tunes. He's got such a

sense of humor with his music. Everybody loved it.

Then before I went on, a guy at a tall table near me passed out. His face completely drained of color.

But 911 was called and they took care of him. The red and blue lights of the ambulance came

splashing into the bar.

The first performer after Moondog was a woman named Christy who played the uke and did a

solid version of The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea. Man, you don't hear that one often.

At my turn I decided to do all originals too since Moondog did so well with that idea. I played

four and it was so cool. The volume was just right and people came up tossing dollar bills in the

tip jar. At the end I felt I had to bow before I left the stage and then Moondog reminded me to take

all the money out of the jar. I thought maybe they all split it up later but, no, he insisted I take it

and so I did!

I hadn't played there before and I have a date there on Thursday August 13th, so I wanted

to dip my toe into the Spirit Room and I was so glad I did.


Site Update


So now you can check out my bio and my music is all on the same page. Today, Wed. July 15th, will be the first day the site goes live. It's great to have my new web address that I'm sure everyone will find! There will be some photos up too and who knows what else. That's the fun of it.

Also, if you are located somewhere in northern Arizona, please check out the gig page because there are a bunch of shows coming right up. thanks all for bearing with me while the evolution of the site continues!


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