New Year Shaping Up

Yes. 2016 is quite visible on the horizon right now. Check the Gig page for the five dates listed so far, including four at my home base, the Full Moon Saloon, and one at downtown Sedona's awesome wine bar, Vino…


Live Videos

I've put up a link to my Live at Living Room Festival video over at You Tube. Credit goes to Becky Simpkins for the awesome shoot. There are a couple more songs from that session that I'll put up

October is a Mighty Tim Festival

Yes. And Well. And Well it should be. Seven big shows this month. Including four at the Full Moon Saloon where often the Mighty is the house act. The last two weekends of the month will be shaking with the…


August 2015

So looking forward to the show at Jerome's Spirit Room on August 13th. Jerome is a small town but huge in its appetite for music. In addition the Spirit Room is located in the heart of town so folks often…


Full Moon Weekend

Great folks at this past weekend's shows at the Full Moon. Even met two sets of people who want to sponsor my show as a House Concert. This would be so cool because I know there are some people who…

Margo B Design

I worked with an awesome designer, Margo Braman, on my new release, 'Live', Life of a Song.

She is easy to work with and full of great ideas to help move the project along. Please stop by her site,


Spirit Room

I have to mention what a wild time was had at the open mic in Jerome at the Spirit Room last night.

The host, Moondog, opened the night with a set of amazing original tunes. He's got such a



Site Update

So now you can check out my bio and my music is all on the same page. Today, Wed. July 15th, will be the first day the site goes live. It's great to have my new web address that I'm…