Who Shot Rock & Roll (Live)

Tim Young

Acoustic rock filled to the brim, satisfying and thoughtful, steeped for your pleasure.

Yes. Who Shot Rock & Roll, the first single off the five volume collection of 'Live' recordings, aka Life of a Song. This track, along with the others was recorded in Cornville, Arizona of all places. The studio was Sweet 16. I had to drive off the paved road and on to a dirt road to get back to the studio. It was a great experience, just me, my Martin and the headphones in the enclosed room knocking this stuff out.

When I was sixteen I learned to drive and once I earned my license and didn't have to have my dad in the car with me, whenever 'Hanky Panky' or 'Sweet Soul Music' came on the radio I would hit the accelerator hard. That's the feeling I've tried to capture in these new songs and especially with 'Who Shot Rock & Roll!'

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