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It's been some years since Tim first picked up the guitar at Mansfield State, in Mansfield, Pa. serenading his fellow Theatre Majors.  Mansfield is where Tim earned his B.A. and began writing songs. Graduating with a B.A, in Communications in June of 1971.

Born and raised in Easton, Pa., Mansfield was the first in a successful run of escape routes, including thereafter, the Poconos, Middletown, Pa., back to Easton and then a life changing run in New York City. Manhattan to be exact. In New York Tim worked as a professional actor, bartender, file clerk, waiter, busboy, manager of the Figaro Cafe and bar manager with a company who ran the concessions in all the Shubert houses on Broadway.

Tim cut his teeth in the music business in New York. He constructed, created and fronted a half dozen rock bands, recorded countless demos, a vinyl EP "El Salvador", on his Vital Vinyl label, and many live recordings.There were lightning brushes of fame with Spin magazine, college radio, and radio stations in France and Germany.

In those days Tim's bands performed all over downtown Manhattan, including CBGB, Downtown Beirut, The Bitter End, Pyramid Club, Nightingales, and McGovern's Pub.There was also an amazing watering hole of a bar in midtown on Broadway, in front of the Ed Sullivan Theater, known as McGee's, before Letterman moved in and it all changed. At McGee's during 1989 -1990 the Tim Young Ensemble, played to solid sold out houses as the House band. When not playing with his bands it was possible to catch Tim as Solo Loco, busking all over town in different subway stations.

In 2002 Tim formed a new CD label to release his music. Not Fade Away began with the Instrumental release, No Stranger. Then in 2005 came Red, produced by George Grant, a storied collection of songs crafted from so many personal New York experiences. In 2008, Tim and Sand Edwards, traveled to Detroit, to record a new batch of tunes which became known as The Cost. Produced by Counterclockwise Music. Mark Meisel and Bob Becker

In 2013, opportunity knocked and so set the stage for the move from New York to Arizona. A huge cultural leap. Then Tim's focus on performing changed from band situations to solo. He found a new studio to record Not Fade Away's fourth release, Live, aka LIFE OF A SONG, recorded at Cornville's Sweet 16 Studio. Now, for THE LUCKY ONES, Tim produced and brought together three amazing players. Recording was begun at Sweet 16 Studios and finished at Old School Studios in Jerome, AZ.

Tim is also a poet and a novelist. He has three times won the NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month award, for completing a first draft of at least fifty thousand words. His most recent win, "Tony's Juke Box Blues," is now being revised for publication. And there is a new manuscript in the works which is, A Taste of Heaven.  There are also a couple of Chap book of poetry in the works.

Presently Mighty Tim performs live all over Arizona's Verde Valley with several steady gigs. Please check the Gigs and Calendar tab for exact places and times. And more venues are always being added to showcase Mighty Tim!

My brand new jacket when I was five.


This is "Bell Rock" a landmark just outside of Sedona in the Village of Oak Creek.


This is 9th avenue in NYC, my old stomping grounds.

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