Finally. The brand new album, THE LUCKY ONES, is officially released July 2021. It's been a long road but ultimately, very satisfying. An amazing collaborative effort. Many kudos and thanks to all the other players: Don Jones, Kris Baldwin, Gordon Cantor and Paula Parente. And to all the engineers & mixers: Gregg Tauriello and Jon Margulies. And to Anthony Cassucio for mastering. And to Zushka Biros for her dashing photos and help in getting things prepared for Disc Makers. 

THE LUCKY ONES is twelve

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The Lucky Ones is Mastered  

Well all right. My new CD, The Lucky Ones, is now entering a final phase before its release.

All the tracks, including instrumentals of each tune have been mastered by Anthony Casuccio 

of Xtream Audio, located in upstate New York. He did a great job!

Now the focus turns to the artwork for the cover of the album and planning a release date.

I'll have more details coming soon but I wanted to make sure the news is out that The Lucky Ones

is Coming Soon!!!

As a special treat, I've uploaded the tune On The…

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The Lucky Ones Are Alive & Well! 

Yes! I am now working with Jon Margulies at Hobo-Technologies. He is mixing the songs that will appear on the new record, The Lucky Ones.

He is doing a fantastic job. And in addition to the mix, I have been doing some additional tracking as well, just filling in a bit where needed and

having a blast doing that. There are only a few more tunes to finish off. That means we are looking for a possible release date of around Thanksgiving.

There will also be a CD Release party with a band assembled to rock out on…

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New CD In The Works! (The Trials & Tribulations) 

The good news is that the new CD, The Lucky Ones, will be released this year, that's 2020. The not so good news is that I'm hoping this is just not wishful thinking but the truth! That's because I have now had to take my files from Sweet 16 Studios because of Covid 19 concerns. This means I need to locate another studio to finish the little bit of recording I want to do and do the final mixes.

I do have a studio in mind which is Hobo-Technologies situated in Jerome, AZ. I've met the engineer there and will

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New CD In The Works! 

Mighty Tim has teamed once again with the multi-talented Gregg Tauriello of Cornville, Arizona's Sweet 16 Recording Studio to release a CD of 12 brand new tunes.

Besides Gregg's skilled hands on the Pro Tools, MT has also enlisted the talents of Don Jones, on drums, Kris Baldwin, on bass, and Gordon Cantor on lead guitar. A Mighty Configuration! 

Recording began the end of this past October and will continue into February 2020. Mixing and Mastering should be completed before the Spring so the New Recording,

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Still Here 

Just a quick note. Yes, Mighty Tim continues to lurk among

venues, musicians, writers and artists making the rounds in Arizona.

New music, stories and poetry live and breathe from my pen and

typing machine. Just a note. Keep an eye out. New stuff.


October is truly the beginning of autumn for me. One thing for sure is the chance of any day hitting the 90 degree mark is way on the low side. That feels pretty good to me. The fall brings some cool changes,for sure, and temps are only a part of it. For me the leaves turning bright red, yellow and all those colors just reinforces the great cycle of life. It means the world and all of us are moving on, heading for other places and that is essential to keep life interesting.

Of course it has to do with my

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Going Steady 

Remember how Going Steady with someone was such a big deal during those school days? Yep, I bet you do or maybe you're still in the midst of it. Cool. Well, I'm in the big midst of it now but on another level, a different idea. Now I'm Going Steady with three (3) steady dates a month! And we all dig each other a lot. Nobody gets their feelings hurt, nope, just the opposite, it's a blast.

I'm talking about two steady dates at the Full Moon Saloon, the first weekend of each month, and one steady date the…

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Something New - DJ! 

To mention a Beatles title, "Something New, Something New." What this is all about is I have been able to take advantage of an opportunity I found in a local newspaper from Flagstaff, Arizona called 'The Noise.' A community based radio station there put an ad in that said they were looking for people to host their own radio program. In other words, a DJ! This is something I had always wanted to do since I have always been a serious student of rock n roll and its many different genres. The chance to play…

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"What Had I Become" Released as a Single 

It's exciting to announce the third single release from my 'Live' collection of five EP's. This tune, "What Had I Become" explores the end of an affair and the way to move forward.

Like "Who Shot Rock & Roll" and "Life of a Song," WHIB was recorded live in the studio at Sweet 16, in Cornville Arizona. 

Please visit CD Baby for a quick download.

Thanks so much formal your support!

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