New CD In The Works! (The Trials & Tribulations)

The good news is that the new CD, The Lucky Ones, will be released this year, that's 2020. The not so good news is that I'm hoping this is just not wishful thinking but the truth! That's because I have now had to take my files from Sweet 16 Studios because of Covid 19 concerns. This means I need to locate another studio to finish the little bit of recording I want to do and do the final mixes.

I do have a studio in mind which is Hobo-Technologies situated in Jerome, AZ. I've met the engineer there and will soon have a session (consultation) with him. Hopefully we will engage in a positive way and I'll be able to get to work again. 

Hobo Technologies will be the third studio involved in the history of The Lucky Ones. Actually the first studio, Mudshark in Flagstaff, never even recorded a note, as it turned out that one was a poor choice on my part. That was the experience which brought me back to Sweet 16 studios in Cornville where I have been working with the very talented Gregg Tauriello. I worked with him in 2015 on my release of Tim Young Live. But now with the Covid 19 scare, Sweet 16 is closed.

The project began in October of 2019. In my opinion it is now time to wrap this up! As soon as the final mixes are mastered you will be able to find them right here at!

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