Spirit Room

I have to mention what a wild time was had at the open mic in Jerome at the Spirit Room last night.

The host, Moondog, opened the night with a set of amazing original tunes. He's got such a

sense of humor with his music. Everybody loved it.

Then before I went on, a guy at a tall table near me passed out. His face completely drained of color.

But 911 was called and they took care of him. The red and blue lights of the ambulance came

splashing into the bar.

The first performer after Moondog was a woman named Christy who played the uke and did a

solid version of The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea. Man, you don't hear that one often.

At my turn I decided to do all originals too since Moondog did so well with that idea. I played

four and it was so cool. The volume was just right and people came up tossing dollar bills in the

tip jar. At the end I felt I had to bow before I left the stage and then Moondog reminded me to take

all the money out of the jar. I thought maybe they all split it up later but, no, he insisted I take it

and so I did!

I hadn't played there before and I have a date there on Thursday August 13th, so I wanted

to dip my toe into the Spirit Room and I was so glad I did.

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