Finally. The brand new album, THE LUCKY ONES, is officially released July 2021. It's been a long road but ultimately, very satisfying. An amazing collaborative effort. Many kudos and thanks to all the other players: Don Jones, Kris Baldwin, Gordon Cantor and Paula Parente. And to all the engineers & mixers: Gregg Tauriello and Jon Margulies. And to Anthony Cassucio for mastering. And to Zushka Biros for her dashing photos and help in getting things prepared for Disc Makers. 

THE LUCKY ONES is twelve original tunes from the pen of Mighty Tim. Guitars abound, Mighty Tim and Gordon Cantor, while the rhythm section of Don Jones, drums, Kris Baldwin, bass, and Paula Parente, tambourine, drives it all directly home in flashing fashion.

All songs, including instrumental versions, are available to license for film, television, video games, etc.



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