Time for Update & New Stuff. 

Hello my friends, here are the latest news bits as of August 2022. 

Of course, The Lucky Ones is out and about and doing very well, I might say. Most of the tunes on there

are being considered for synch placement, including the instrumentals. Stay tuned.

In other news, there is a new CD knocking at my door. The title of it is Still Lookin.'

Another set of new tunes recorded live (for the most part) in the studio. Jon Margulies doing

the recording. He also lends his talents on lead guitar. 

Other players include percussionists, Steve Schutz, and Paula Parente.

I'm looking to overdub a slew of backing vocals and perhaps a drummer.

It's been a slow go since the recording of the basic tracks but I know the pace will

pick up once the Summer begins to fade. 

Meanwhile, here's the title track, in rough mix form, to pique your interest for the new record!

Words & music copyright 2022 by Tim G. Young.


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